My first programming experience was creating RPG games as a teenager, by writing complex algorithms. Fifteen years later I decided to start teaching myself how to code.

Fullstack Developer specialising in MERN stack. Recently completed a Bootcamp in Software Engineering funded by DfE, after two years of self-study on both front-end and back-end technologies.

Self-motivated and passionate about continuous learning, with a strong focus on personal development.

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Prestissimo - Music Theory

Prestissimo - GitHub

OOP Javascript, React.js, CSS. Not Responsive for mobile yet!

Prestissimo is an innovative music theory education platform. Built around the ABRSM exam syllabus, it instantly creates personalized exercise sets, offering limitless practice options for students. Currently hosted on Netlify, this ongoing project aims to help students prepare thoroughly for exams and enhance their musical abilities. The music theory logic is developed with Object-Oriented Programming in Javascript, and the interface is built with React.js.


BookApp - GitHub

Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, EJS, Bootstrap.

BookApp is an online platform for book lovers and readers. It allows users to discover new books, rate and review books they've read and create personalized bookshelves. This webapp holds a database of books and any user can contribute by uploading info about books which have not been added yet. The app also provides some recommendations based on the user's favourite books. The aim of this project is to create a simple social media platform where users can follow each other and take inspiration from each other's libraries, as well as recommend books to friends.

React.js projects

Work Session Pacer - GitHub

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, React.js.

Final project for FreeCodeCamp Front End Development Libraries certificate.

Red Aubergine Order Page - GitHub

HTML, CSS, React.js.

Dummy online delivery check-out page.

React Calculator

HTML, CSS, React.js.

Part of FreeCodeCamp Front End Development Libraries certificate.

Javascript projects

Financial Calculator - GitHub

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript DOM.

Final project for HarvardX CS50.

Rating Stars - GitHub

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript DOM.

This JS code will swap the rating input in a form with a star input.

Meteo App

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript DOM, AJAX, Axios.

Web Design projects

Sardegna Tourism Info

HTML, CSS, Flexbox.

Magpie Cupcakes

HTML, CSS, Flexbox.

Final project for FreeCodecamp Web Design certificate.

Python projects


Bookstore database - Python and SQLite.

Final project for HyperionDev Software Enfineering Bootcamp.

Credit Card Validator

Implementation of Luhn's Algorithm - Python.

Gaming Classics - React.js

Tic Tac Toe

HTML, CSS, React.js

Connect Four

HTML, CSS, React.js

Crabby Beach - Minesweeper

HTML, CSS, React.js


Software Engineering Bootcamp

University of Manchester

In November 2022 I started my journey with HyperionDev, joining their Software Engineering Bootcamp funded by the Department for Education. Most of the syllabus was focused on Python algorithms, data structures, File I/O, OOP and NLP, as well as Relational Database design with SQLite, version control with Git, Web Development with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Django. This intensive course was delivered with bi-weekly lectures, mentoring sessions, online tutorials, and consisted in 48 assignments to be completed in three months. This experience gave me the chance to learn Python in depth, with the help of constant feedback from the tutors. The assignments were self-paced, and I managed to complete all the tasks within three weeks, with full marks. This qualification has been co-certified by University of Manchester.

Tech Skills

  • Programming Languages
    • Javascript ES6
    • Typescript
    • Python
  • Web Design
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Bootstrap
  • Frontend
    • React.js
    • Next.js
  • Backend
    • Node.js
    • Express.js
  • Database
    • MongoDB
    • SQLite
    • PostgreSQL
  • Testing
    • Jest
    • Cypress
    • Postman - Newman


DevOps, Cloud, and Agile Foundations
  • DevOps fundamentals
  • Introduction to Agile and Scrum
  • Agile planning with ZenHub
  • Cloud Computing fundamentals
HarvardX CS50 Introduction to Computer Science
  • Algorithms and Data Structures with C and Python
  • Relational databases with SQLite
  • Web Design with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap
  • Web Development with Flask
The Web Developer Bootcamp 2022 - Udemy
  • Web Design with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap
  • Javascript ES6, AJAX and APIs
  • Backend with Node.js, NPM, Express.js
  • NoSQL Database with MongoDB and Mongoose
Front End Development Libraries - FCC
  • Bootstrap, jQuery and SASS
  • React.js and Redux.js
Javascript Algorithms and Data Structs - FCC
  • Algorithms and Data Structures with Javascript ES6
Responsive Web Design - FCC
  • Web Design with HTML and CSS
  • CSS Grid, CSS Flexbox



Native speaker


Full professional proficiency


Full professional proficiency


Intermediate professional proficiency


I have trained for many years as a classical musician, first at Conservatorio di Musica di Cagliari (Italy), then at Conservatoire de Lyon (France) and at Guildhall School of Music & Drama (London), where I've obtained a Master's Degree in Advanced Instrument Studies. As a professional violinist I have performed in different countries, collaborated with world-class conductors, and even recorded at Abbey Road Studios (London). I currently work as a self-employed music teacher.